Company Profile

RELAB Spraying & Purification Technologies LTD. specializes in R&D of spray nozzles. It is located in Changan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, which is well known as one of the top thousand towns in China. It manufactures many types of high quality spray nozzles which are well-received both in home market and abroad.

Over 10,000 spray nozzles, up to 20,000pcs monthly:

We have rich experience in spray nozzle design and development and our products are used in various industries including automotive, cement, chemical, electronics, food, pharmaceutical, steel industry, environmental protection and surface treatment, etc. We have over 10,000 types of spray nozzles for selection. Our monthly output can be up to 20,000 pieces.

Our products include, but no limit to flat fan nozzle, full cone nozzle, hollow cone nozzle, spiral nozzle, tank washing nozzle, united jet nozzle, quick assembling nozzle, air jet nozzle, blow jet nozzle, air atomizing nozzle, mist nozzle, fog nozzle, clip eyelet nozzle, mixing eductor and air shower nozzle, etc.

Welcome OEM and Small Volume Order:

We welcome OEM order and can provide customized standard or non-standard parts. We also welcome small volume order and can provide on-time, secure and economical shipping method to meet demand of our customers.

Your nozzle samples within 10 days; Only use SUS303, 304 or 316ss:

Samples you required can be ready within 10 days. The raw materials are strictly-selected SUS303, 304 and 316 stainless steel imported from Japan and high quality brass bar. With same price, we can provide parts with better quality.

Exported over 30 countries:

On one hand, our products are widely sold to our home market; on the other hand, we actively develop overseas market. Our products are exported to over 30 countries as Europe, America, Canada, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and Russia etc. Any time, day or night, if you need, we have professional sales representative to be at your service.

Test before shipping with 98.3% pass rate and 99.5% customer satisfaction rate:

We treat every product as an artwork and strictly control every process from material selection, manufacturing, inspection, packing and transportation. To test every product is our responsibility and we hope to get more praise from you.

Trustworthy Partnership with RELAB:

Every staff of RELAB has to accept a strict technical training. We have technology to guide production and can provide a good development platform for our staff. We actively propose environmental protection and it's our pleasure to do contribution to it.

Flat Spray, Full Cone, Hollow Jet, Spiral Jet:

  • Jet Spray, straight jet pattern, jet steam, in-line jet image
  • Full Cone, FullJet, Full cone pattern, Solid cone, Fulljet nozzle
  • Wind Jet, Air Jet, Blowing off, Air control, wind spray nozzle
  • Full Cone Spiral, Spiral Cone, spiral jet nozzle, Air Atomizing Nozzle
  • Flat Fan, FlatJet, flat jet, fan spray nozzle, Fog Nozzle, Mist nozzle
  • Hollow Cone, In-line jet, whirl Jet, Right hollow spray nozzle

"RELAB Technologies" is an expert in R&D Spray Nozzles and Misting System.
Since "RELAB" was established, its name stands for "Reliable", "Linnovation", "Mutualism". We believe "RELAB" is an ideal choice for you in Spray Nozzles.

Spray Nozzles:

Flat Fan Spray Nozzles:
Standard Flat Fan, Narrow angle Flat Fan Nozzle, Wide angle Flat Fan Spray Nozzle
Hollow Cone Spray Nozzles:
Axial/In-line Hollow Cone, Off-set Hollow Cone, Tangential/Right angle Hollow Cone, Fine Hollow Cone
Full Cone Spray Nozzles:
Standared Full Cone, Axial/In-line, Off-set Full Cone, Fine Full Cone, Spiral Full Cone
Spiral Spray Nozzles:
Spiral Full Cone, Spiral Hollow Cone; SiC Ceramic Spiral Nozzle
Air Atomizing Nozzles:
Flat Fan Air Atomizing, Round Air Atomizing, Wide-round Air Atomizing
Fine Fog Nozzle:
Fog Nozzle, Mist Nozzle, Fogger, Mister, Mist Kit
Other Purpose Nozzles:
Quick Spray Nozzle, Winding Spray Nozzle, Clamp Eyelet Nozzle, Mixing Eductor
Air Shower Nozzle, Tank Washing Nozzle, Spray Drying, Jet Nozzle, Jet Tip